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High ted full of honorary medical scientist Wang Haozhi, —— of a famous Chinese major country physician


He has devoted himself to half his life, based himself on clinical practice, practiced the exploration of national medicine, inherited the research and development of new Chinese medicine drugs, opened the treasure house of Chinese TCM civilization with modern innovative thinking, and worked himself silently. He is the doctor of Wang Hao.


With his unique values, life, health, disease, and prevention, he helps the Chinese people to keep fit; explore the connotation of TCM philosophy, promote the inheritance of TCM with The Times; combine innovation with tradition with the new era tentacles, take the essence to discard the dross, and invent multi-dimensional health products. To polish the name card of traditional Chinese medicine culture of the motherland, contributing their own strength.


Wang Haozhi full of sincere manage the life dream of traditional Chinese medicine, their own love in the traditional Chinese medicine this fertile land, with his unique thinking mode and action drive, casting the legend of a generation of Chinese medicine masters, kindness act whole heart dedication, in the course of harmony symbiosis depicts the development of colorful scenery line. As a medical worker, Mr.Wang takes the inheritance and development of Chinese Chinese medicine as his goal. For decades, he has stayed true to his original aspiration and moved forward. Mr.Wang has been practicing his mission to benefit the people and promote traditional Chinese medicine. Carry forward the traditional culture of Traditional Chinese medicine to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine culture of TCM and benefit mankind. Teacher Wang, as a leading figure in the TCM industry, interprets the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with the spirit of the new generation, to carry forward the brilliance of Traditional Chinese medicine to spread the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine and protect the health of the people.


Wang Haozhi, male, born on March 12,1954, Han nationality, was born in Yizheng, Jiangsu province.


In 1976, he studied medicine, and in 2016, he studied Shi Xuemin, a master of Chinese medicine. Now he is a special researcher of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, a member of the Chinese Society of Special effects, an expert and researcher of Beijing Wanshou Mountain Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a researcher of London, a contemporary famous doctor, a Chinese science and technology expert, and an industry consultant of Quanxiu Network.


She died of a fever for a few days. After graduating from high school, he studied under Zhang Dazhi, Sun Hao and Shi Xuemin. Graduated from Huaiyin University, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (journal), the world Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Now he is a tenured professor of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the chief expert of the national medicine Expert Committee, a special researcher of management Science Research Institute, a member of the Chinese Society of Special effects, an expert and researcher of Beijing Wanshou Mountain Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a researcher of London, a world contemporary famous doctor, and a Chinese science and technology expert.


Location: Beijing Qhuang National Medical Center. Cure difficult and complicated diseases, especially in August 1994, cured Ms.Chen, who was transferred to Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital in March with high fever, and experts failed to report for help. On March 25,2013, he won the invention patent, the International Merit Award, the Geneva Gold Medal, and the advanced individual of Chinese scientists. In 2020, another paper was published in The Complete Book of Typical Cases in China. The research of pure traditional Chinese medicine antipyretic drug is being developed and will soon enter the market.


Some certificates of honor and trophies:


Good at treatment:

  1. 发热相关疾患:普通感冒,流行感冒、呼吸系统感染、泌尿系统感染、其他软组织感染,及数月数年不明原因发热等。

1. Fever-related diseases: common cold, influenza, respiratory system infection, urinary system infection, other soft tissue infection, and unexplained fever for several years, etc.


2. Digestive system: oral ulcer, oesophagitis, spray Inflammation, acute gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, stress ulcer, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, perianal disease, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, etc.


3, sports system: limb joints, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, etc.

  1. 神经系统:脑梗及后遗症,中风后遗症等。

4, nervous system: cerebral infarction and sequelae, stroke sequelae, etc.

  1. 内分泌系统:糖尿病、糖尿足、白癜风、月经不准、过多过少、带下。子宫内膜移位症等。

5, endocrine system: diabetes, sugar urine foot, vitiligo, inaccurate menstruation, too much and too little, take down. Endometrial migration, et al.

  1. 疑难症、疑难杂症。

6, difficult diseases, difficult and miscellaneous diseases.


Working in Yizheng Dayi Town Central Hospital. Always love the Communist Party of Thanksgiving. In 2011, the Party School of the CPC Central Committee submitted a proposal to fight corruption to relevant leaders. He retired in 2013. In medical treatment, good at thinking, hard research, the theory and ancestors, Yang han theory. Inherited the clinical crystallization of master Zhang Da, under the guidance of many famous teachers, especially under the long-term guidance of Sun Hao, president of Changzheng Yi Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, deputy president of the Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (magazine), special Acupuncture and moxibustion class of Huaiyin University, the World Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and cured many types of difficult and strange diseases. He has published many academic papers: "vascular nerve-metamorphosis, Control and aging" in the World Forum. Won the third prize of the paper by expert evaluation. In October 2001, the article "invigorating the spleen and strengthening the lung" was published in "Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Medicine".


Phase of clinical experience has created a series of patent results. In recent years, a number of achievements have been published successively. On March 25,2015, another national invention patent was obtained, which cured the patients who called for help in the provincial hospital with high fever above 40 degrees in March for many times, causing strong response across the country. The patent number of "an antipyretic drug and its preparation method": 00121310.5 discloses a drug used for antipyretic treatment, which uses pure Chinese medicinal materials such as donkey bone and turtle nail. The invention of drugs for various reasons of increased temperature have therapeutic effect, especially days months of unknown fever has good effect, has won "the" third Hong Kong Chinese specialty technology expo gold medal ", at the same time awarded" Chinese patent technology development achievement award ", following" the second world Chinese patent technology expo gold medal "," world Chinese science and technology invention award ", the second Asian international new technology new products expo gold medal," scientific and technological invention progress award ", Geneva gold medal.


Phase of clinical experience has created a series of patent results. In recent years, a number of achievements have been published successively. On March 25,2015, another national invention patent was obtained, which cured the patients who called for help in the provincial hospital with high fever above 40 degrees in March for many times, causing strong response across the country. The patent number of "an antipyretic drug and its preparation method": 00121310.5 discloses a drug used for antipyretic treatment, which uses pure Chinese medicinal materials such as donkey bone and turtle nail. The invention of drugs for various reasons of increased temperature have therapeutic effect, especially days months of unknown fever has good effect, has won "the" third Hong Kong Chinese specialty technology expo gold medal ", at the same time awarded" Chinese patent technology development achievement award ", following" the second world Chinese patent technology expo gold medal "," world Chinese science and technology invention award ", the second Asian international new technology new products expo gold medal," scientific and technological invention progress award ", Geneva gold medal.


An antipyretic proprietary Chinese medicine


Patentee: Wang Hao Patent No.: ZL. 00121310.5 Current Patent No.: 200910262865.4 Now the medical temperature rise is fever, is one of the most common symptoms in human diseases, but also many diseases with fever as the main clinical manifestations. The antipyretic treatment of modern medicine, for infectious diseases generally to find out (or judgment), the human body infected microorganisms, and the choice of appropriate antimicrobial treatment. For non-infectious fever (unknown causes including aseptic inflammation) is measures to remove biochemical "toxins" as a symptomatic treatment. Due to the existence of strong viral superbacteria, the use of antipyretic analgesics can temporarily relieve or relieve the pain caused by fever, but it is not the same with the recovery or improvement of the disease.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the lung is the main qi, the main qi", and that " the healthy qi memory, evil can not dry, evil qi will be empty."I think the lack of qi is obstruction, obstruction is qi deficiency, deficiency victory, qi failure, qi decline is disease, decline is qi failure, qi elimination, death. Obrespect is the beginning of heat, is the foundation of heat, heat is the mark of heat, obstruction wins heat, obstruction becomes heat weight.


On the head of the gas, the main field, "heart" god lives, the main dantian, kidney "congenital" essence, essence angry. Jing cloud: "Yin essence serves its life", kidney essence is sufficient, liver Yang is not active, water and fire is aid ", spleen 'the day after tomorrow' can be healthy luck, lung gold, all diseases do not invade. Human obesity, (water molecular decomposition slowly), or thin (water molecular decomposition too fast), for the spleen is not healthy, fat gas stagnation, thin is easy to fire gas consumption, lung, and modern medicine thought that gene mutations (pathological product accumulation) to choke, obstructing fever pathological process, with turbidity of the pathological content, when the viscera function is organic damage, can be obvious.


In 2018, he attended the 36th International Chinese Medicine Natural Therapy Summit Forum and Global TCM Belt and Road Award Ceremony and won the Inheritance Award. KMT chairman Wu Den-yih took a group photo with the winners.


The invention is to play its own normal function, disintegration of pyopolaccharide heat source, is harmful bacteria (strong virus and superbacteria) cytoplasm wall water hole increase (pathogenic process) lead to virus bacteria body protein nucleic acid, amino acid, sugar and salt leakage, so that its apoptosis (for the gas process), and the residual viruses and toxins, virulence lost effectiveness, then between the arteriovenous capillaries, muscle surface epithelial cells, sweat glands from the table in the table, the table (gas) to the outside, so as to achieve the purpose of static fever. Because the pathological products gradually reduce the exchange through the lungs, the conversion and detoxification of the liver, the accumulation and excretion of the kidney, thus prevent the malignant development of the disease and the occurrence of complications, make the organs from infringement at the same time, improve the self-immunity of the organs. It is widely applicable for clinical diseases with fever as the main manifestation, and has reliable efficacy. For non-infectious patients such as fever (unknown fever, fever to be investigated) caused by modern medicine, especially for clinical days and months, it is more unique effect, so that the clinical headache, sore throat, cough, expectoration, urine yellow and other symptoms gradually reduced to disappear. And the clinical treatment of infectious fever also has auxiliary treatment effect, and can shorten the course of treatment, does not contain analgesia and anti-allergy drugs, so the drug does not produce dizziness and sleep, pure natural Chinese medicine, thus does not contain hormones, the body immunity ability only strengthened, and no toxic side effects, safe and convenient to use.


How to use: fill with no. 0 capsule, one containing 0.1 grams, adults can take 0.3-0.5 grams once a day, 3-4 times a day, if used for influenza, adult body temperature is above 39 degrees, can take 0.5 grams, 3-6 times a day, heat retreat, continue to take 1-2 times.


Typical case 1:


Chen, 31, a sudden high fever to the people's hospital, temperature above 40 degrees during the day, the night heat rise, armpit pillow ice pack to protect the heart, after expert consultation using various drugs at home and abroad, infusion transfusion treatment for months no better, hospital think the disease is not cure, in the same year on August 26, laparotomy, may find out treatment basis. The patients in the face of hopeless on August 24, reported for help, I happened to see on the way outside the yangzi evening news 3146 to see reports, think this is very good clinical cases, transfer to immediately, in the same year on August 25 at 3 PM came to find patients, check after taking the patent drug treatment 6, cured from hospital.


Typical case 2:


Ms.Zhang, 91 years old, had a sudden fever on June 3,1994, and was admitted to the First People's Hospital for treatment. Examination: T38.8 degrees, clear, slightly red pharynx, auscultation: lung and spleen enlargement, no pathological reflex of the nervous system.laboratory examination:


Red blood cells 2.7 * 1012 / L; white blood cells 1.59 * 109 / L; neutral, 80%, lymphoid 20%. Proogen (I), urine routine (-), thoracic electric lung texture thickening, myocardial enlargement, CT scan brain no abnormalities.



  1. 呼吸道感染2、败血症。治疗:经多种抗菌素、输液、输血,中西医治疗三月余,发热仍未退。于1994年9月20日出院。每天给消炎痛片25mg,半粒,强的松25mg一粒,使体温控制在39度以下。家属从《扬子晚报》看到本人信息,并经熟人从报社索到我的地址。初诊:精神差,唇红刺耳朵集枯,肌肉消瘦,四肢浮肿。无心烦热,午后炽盛,咳嗽咽干,舌质红,苔欠润,口有辣味i,脉浮数无力,骨蒸盗汗,使用了本专利后10日突然痊愈。

1, respiratory tract infection; 2, and sepsis. Treatment: after a variety of antibiotics, infusion, blood transfusion, traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment for more than three months, the fever is still not returned. He was discharged on September 20,1994. Give 25mg of indomethacin, half and 25mg of prednisone every day to keep the body temperature below 39 degrees. My family members saw my information from the Yangtze Evening Post and asked my address from the newspaper. Initial diagnosis: poor spirit, red lips and piercing ears, thin muscles, swollen limbs. No upset heat, afternoon hot, cough dry throat, red tongue, not moist moss, spicy mouth i, pulse floating number of weakness, bone steaming night sweat, 10 days after the use of this patent suddenly recovered.


Typical case 3:


Zhao Anbang, 88 years old, was transferred to northern Jiangsu province and was discharged on March 28,2024 to prepare for later generations. Because it is my father-in-law, now diagnose dyspnea with ventilator to assist breathing, limbs edema, red tongue moss white, thick pulse deep and powerful. The use of traditional Chinese medicine formula for nearly two months, gradually relieved, now can get out of bed activities. It is suggested that superior experts come to study here, so that such patients give the second life. And to develop new drugs to treat such patients.


Typical case 3:


Ms.Sun, with stuffy nose, headache and fever 38.2 degrees more than half a day, took this patent drug half a day.


Typical case 4:


Mr.Wu, dizziness pain runny nose, fever 39.1 degrees for more than two days, taking this patent drug for two days recovered.


COVID-19 special effects


1, Chen Hongbing, mobile phone number, 13348137049.


2, Sun Shuwei, mobile phone number, 15852876081.


3, Zhou Yi, mobile phone number, 13665231567.


Seek to sponsor investors to jointly invest in the development to benefit the people. Address: No.33, Fanzhuang, Wanji Village, Dayi Town, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province. Welcome the enterprises with foresight and funds to jointly develop them.


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xrwh2002@163.com 王皓之


Study on vascular and nerve metamorphosis and aging in Dayi Town Central Health Center, Zheng City, Jiangsu Province


Key words: (keywovds) vascular and nerve, metamorphosis. Abstract: (Abstreet) I discuss vascular nerve metamorphosis and aging


Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure house of Chinese culture and medicine, extensive and profound. Traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in the long-term practice of treating human diseases, which constitutes a professional technology of medical classification and solves the pain of hundreds of millions of people. According to my medical practice and the clinical observation of patients, combined with the introduction of Traditional Chinese medicine and Huangdi Neijing, according to the scientific principles of modern preventive medicine and health implementation prevention, the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, explore the relationship between vascular and nerve metamorphosis control and aging, summarized the strength of qi and blood. The body is strong: the imbalance between qi and blood leads to its mental depression. Qi and blood is the essence of the human body (meridians), and qi is functional for Yang. Blood belongs to the blood Yin, so blood is Yin, the flow of blood is promoted by qi, so semen is the Yin of the Yin, the Yin of the Yang, is the essence from the parents, the basis is congenital, human development or growth by the day after tomorrow, by the digestive organs-the spleen and stomach health, the five zang hide essence, six fu access, otherwise it is pathological changes. The search for its root cause lies in the oxidative damage, "Prion" protein disease vIRus, immune function decline. Prionin degeneration occurs in the central nervous system and becomes an irreversible neurodegenerative lesion, thus becoming aging. With age, the condensation of various lesions.


The author found an effective method from the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and discussed it.

  1. 病变出现表现形式及其症状:

1. The lesion showed its manifestations and its symptoms:


Qi is functional Yang, blood essence (semen) belongs to Yin, blood is Yin, semen is Yang in Yin, essence is Yin in Yin. For the congenital. On the basis of the essence of parents mainly rely on the acquired digestive device supply that the spleen and stomach health. Human body fat or thin, that is, overweight or thin are the spleen and stomach, obesity long-term nutrition. The water is very wet and abundant. Easy to trap the spleen, affect and provide the innate essence, the formation of the first performance of qi deficiency. Obese people more qi deficiency, qi deficiency easy to qi stagnation, qi stagnation easy to blood stasis. Emiation is a bad stomach. Suffering from gastroduodenal ulcer chronic enteritis, cholecystitis. Hepatitis, tumor and other digestive tract diseases, make the acquired supply is insufficient. More fire and shuo Yin, dizziness, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath to insufficient brain energy supply, this is the stomach is not transported to the second performance of qi deficiency. By cloud: spring and summer Yang in fact Yang in the beginning of spring to minor heat this stage for little fire. By cloud: less fire angry every year of the small department to the autumn after eighteen days several strong fire to: strong fire food gas. That is, jiong is gas consumption, that is, this stage can not avoid, to the source of autumn and winter virtual three do not think about work. Accumulated over time to the original Yin deficiency and qi deficiency four. All kinds of diseases to the dirty noisy function reduction is the fifth qi deficiency. Inner cloud: women with seven years, kidney qi, longer teeth; 2 qi, and day guiqi, ren qi, too chong, month, nowadays, and have a son, panqi, kidney qi, four qi, strong, long bones, strong body, wuqi yangming qi, 6 qi, three Yang pulse, the qi, and all coke, hair white, qi, too chongqi deficiency, day, drain, tunnel, bad shape and no children. The husband is eight years old, kidney qi, long teeth; 28, kidney qi. Day to: essence gas overflow, Yin and Yang and, so can have son; 38, kidney qi average, so can tooth born long pole; four eight, bones and muscles, muscle full strong; five eight, kidney qi failure, falling teeth shake: six eight, Yang failure in the top, face coke, hair temples white: seven eight, liver qi failure, tendon can not move: eight eight, day to drain. Fine less kidney decay, the body is extremely, the tooth hair, kidney main water. The wuzang sheng can be diarrhea. Today, the five hidden are declining, the bones and muscles fall, the day is exhausted. So the hair temples white body heavy. The step is not straight, but no ear. That is, female 35 years old, male after 40 years old gas naturally exhausted and difficult to recover (note: by the dry blood vessels destroyed by free radicals by metamorphosis, its process is complicated with hypertension. Cardiac insufficiency, myocardial infarction, cerebral blood supply insufficiency, cerebral infarction, stroke, thrombosis). Organ function decreased to failure. Clinically, some tension pressure normal systolic pressure increased, some tension pressure increased and systolic pressure is normal. Patients feel insomnia and many dreams, some five upset heat, some irritability. Some tinnitus, some eyes and some backache. Some senile spots, etc. This is the irresistible qi deficiency of human beings. On dantian, the head for the gas, the main dantian Tanzhong point for god, under the dantian gas sea for kidney Yin kidney gas. Lower dantian, zhongtian, kidney qi (Yin), natural qi, normal viscera function, and have different clinical signs under the premise of pathology. Healthy qi is stored inside, and evil can not do it. The ancients believed that qi line is blood line, qi deficiency is qi stagnation, qi stagnation is blood stasis. Qi stagnation is the beginning of qi deficiency, blood stasis is the end of qi deficiency; the motherland medicine

  1. 衰老的临床症状及原理新阵陈代谢吐故纳新及生命运动的正常轨迹,(注:年轻时无任何异异常表现,随着岁月推移,尤其25岁以后即开始产生自由基,35岁到50岁即有表现,60岁以上到70岁左右明显显现成不可逆反应,注意劳役结合,适当锻炼),即随运动产生自由基,有了它其生命细胞代谢就受到一定的抑制,其日积月累血管内皮细胞损伤并脱落加快沉积吸附血管内壁,使正常的血管形态受到改变。

2.Clinical symptoms and principle of aging new metabolism from the normal trajectory and life movement, (note: when young, no abnormal performance, over time, especially after 25, free radicals, 35 to 50, over 60 to 70 apparent into irreversible reaction, pay attention to labor, appropriate exercise), namely with movement, with it its life cell metabolism is certain inhibition, its accumulated vascular endothelial cell damage and fall off to speed up the deposition of adsorption vascular wall, make the normal vascular shape change.


3. Control and preventive measures to prevent slow aging


1. When the cell damage is mild, there is generally no clinical manifestation, only when I feel an itchy scalp. Occasionally dizziness, brain swelling feeling (with bed rest method can be);


2, a variety of clinical manifestations can appear when the vascular endothelial damage affects the functional decline of dirty noise.

  1. 消化器损伤,包括上下消化道,肝胆等。大凡损伤就是疾病的过程,即衰老的过程,衰老是人类无法控制的自然规律,现代医学是生物生性生殖原随著时间的推移而表现出的机体功能衰弱现象,现代医学的治疗除抗自由基,减少精神紧张.调节心态,身体活动,尽量少食、高蛋白、食物肉类、多吃蔬菜水果、低脂肪,热量食物,养成科学的生话方式外没有特殊治疗,临床疗效甚微。祖国医学,从气入手。

3, digestive injury, including upper and lower digestive tract, liver and gallbladder, etc. Most damage is the process of disease, that is, the process of aging, aging is the natural law that human beings cannot control, modern medicine is the biological reproduction of the body function weakened phenomenon with the passage of time, the treatment of modern medicine in addition to anti-free radicals, reduce mental tension. Adjust the state of mind, physical activity, as far as possible to eat less, high protein, food and meat, eat more vegetables and fruits, low fat, calorie food, develop a scientific birth way without special treatment, little clinical effect. Chinese medicine, start from the qi.

只要保持气的正常功能,脏腑功能就正常,就能减少损伤。经日:“上古之人,其知道者,法干阴阳,和于术数,食饮有节,起居有常不妄作劳.故能形与神俱,而尽终其天年,度古岁乃去,今时之人不然也,以酒为浆。以忘为常,醉以入房,以欲竭其精,不知持满,不时御神,务快其心,逆於生乐,起居无节,故半辈而衰也。”饮食不当,损伤消化器,影响气的来源.耗竭其精,是气面向虚弱。人的神于气,气源于阴精(肾气),阴精源于(注生前原于先天父母)脾胃【后天】对水谷的科学合理摄入和吸收,吸收源于脾胃,脾胃源干健运,脾胃健运才能是气化生不断。若人体在饮食中过湿即碍脾,过燥即碍胃,则既能影响气的生成之源。《素问,太阳阳明论》:‘帝曰:脾病而四肢不用,何也?岐伯日:四肢皆禀气于胃,而不得至经,必因于脾乃得禀也,今病不能为胃行其津液,四肢不得禀水谷气,气日以衰,脉道不利,筋骨肌肉,皆无气以生。故不用焉.”这就是影响气的生成使血管神经床表现即最初衰老的开始,疾病的启源。有损伤就有修复康复扶正之说,(现代医学称为再生)、(如疗养保健,健身适合年龄段人群做其四肢肩背.腿关节的活动.清晨多喝一杯水.饮食以清淡为妙,时刻保持心态良好状态.睡前做自我,按摩手足头使之有个优质睡眠质量)养生等手段外,首先减少受新陈代谢的产物一自由基的损伤外抵制并化解自由基的毒力,预防控制和治疗其造成的疾病。方可控制衰老。不病就是不老,不老就是长寿。修复损伤首先修复消化嚣,其次修复血管神经,再其次是细胞。修复消化嚣选西洋参,黄芪补气为君药、玄胡索行气为陪药、佩兰化湿健脾,蒲公英润燥护胃为使药等.由此只有保证了气的生成才能控制血管神经脱变, 才能控制不病延缓衰老。(注:目前细胞损伤中成药血管神经损伤中成药,消化损损伤中成药生30几年的临床研用疗效甚佳)。

As long as the normal function of qi is maintained, the function of the viscera is normal, and the damage can be reduced. Jing day: " Ancient people, who know the Yin and Yang, and in the number of art, food and drink, daily life often do not work. Therefore, can form and god, and the end of the day, the ancient time is to go, today's people otherwise, with wine as pulp. To forget for often, drunk to enter the room, to want to exhaust its essence, do not know to hold full, from time to time, fast its heart, against the joy, living without section, so half a generation and decline also."Improper diet, damage to the digesters, affect the source of gas. To eting its essence is qi facing weakness. Human god in qi, qi comes from Yin essence (kidney qi), Yin essence from (note in the congenital parents) spleen and stomach [day after tomorrow] scientific and reasonable intake and absorption of water and valley, absorption from the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach source dry and healthy, the spleen and stomach can be healthy gasification. If the human body in the diet is too wet or hinder the spleen, too dry or the stomach, it can affect the source of the generation of gas."Su ask, the sun Yang Ming theory": " the emperor said: spleen disease and limbs do not use, why also? Qi Bo ri: the limbs are reported qi in the stomach, and not to the meridian, because of the spleen is to report also, this disease can not be the stomach, the limbs can not report water valley gas, gas to decline, bad pulse, muscles and muscles, all no gas to live. So no use it." This is the appearance of the vascular nerve bed, that is, the beginning of the initial aging, the onset of the disease. If there is injury, there is repair rehabilitation, (modern medicine is called regeneration), (such as recuperation health care, fitness for age people to do their limbs shoulder and back. Activity of the leg joints. Drink a glass of water in the morning. Eat with light for the better, always keep a good state of mind. Before going to bed to do self, massage hands and feet head to make it have a quality sleep quality) health and other means, first of all, reduce the product of metabolism of a free radical damage resistance and resolve the virulence of free radical, prevention, control and prevention and treatment of the disease caused by it. Can control the process of aging. Not sick is not old, not old is longevity. Repair damage first repair digestion, then repair blood vessels and nerves, and then repair cells. Repair and digestion of American ginseng, astragalus qi for jun medicine, xuanhu suo qi for accompany medicine, peilan and wet spleen, dandelion moisten dryness and protect the stomach for medicine. Therefore, only by ensuring the generation of gas can we control vascular and nerve degeneration and delay aging.(Note: At present, Chinese patent medicine with vascular nerve damage, digestive damage and Chinese patent medicine have good clinical efficacy for more than 30 years).


Clinical examples


Mei, 86 years old, insomnia and many dreams, small diet, wasting weight, multiple treatment is not effective, after taking this medicine for 2 months, the disease improved.


Zhang, male, 84 years old, sudden tinnitus 20 days, after taking this drug for a month, tinnitus disappeared.


Mei mou, male, 36 years old, gastric ulcer for several years, after taking this drug now digestive function is normal.


Li Mou, male, 57 years old, developed dysphagia, gradually aggravated, 8 months after the symptoms change, view in hard food swallowing freely).

  1. 中草药性能,及其药性与现代化学成份组成部分

  2. 3. Performance of Chinese herbal medicine, and its medicinal properties and modernization of the component components

  3. 结果论述

5. The results are discussed


According to the above research, vascular and nerve metamorphosis (control) is the main source of preventing and delaying aging, and the use of traditional Chinese medicine is effective for vascular metamorphosis diseases. The curative effect is an effective treatment method to alleviate the aging. In clinical practice, many patients have shown good curative effect, have a good mental state, improved diet and sleep, up and down defecation, can do free exercise, spirit is full of vitality, indicating that Chinese herbal medicine has medical health care function for vascular transformation and anti-aging. Such as holding Pu Zi Ri: one person is the image of a country, the chest and abdomen, the official office, the limbs, the limbs and the suburbs, the bones, the gods, the blood, the people and the people, and the knowledge can govern the country. I love his people, so peace his country, cherish his gas so full body. When the people disperse, the country will die, and the gas will die. The dead should not be born, the dead should not be all, is the disease, the disease, treatment before nothing, not after the death. The wife is difficult to raise and easy to risk, gas is difficult to clear and easy to turbidity, so can judge wei de, so protect the country, cut lust, so solid blood gas, and then really a save yan, trinity keep yan. All diseases dispel yan, life delay yan. The development of new science and technology and information technology, combining traditional Chinese and western medicine and treatment and prevention, new progress, natural astaxanthin-is the best antioxidant popular in Europe and the developed countries, it has created the medical miracle in this century, because it has five effects, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, determine a good new agent. In addition, the bacteria have good effects on human cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, and organ failure, and at the same time on antioxidant, enhanced human immunity, and positive effects on antioxidant.


Main references:






(1) The Inner diameter of the Emperor, p1-5.(2) Liu Huaping edited The Ancestors. (3) Shi Xiaomo: Beijing Tongrentang Fu Lu Shouxi products detailed description.(4) Guangdong Shanyuantang Medical News and Pharmaceutical Technology ". (5) Guangdong Shanyuantang Medical News and Pharmaceutical Technology ". (6) Beijing Guanghe Zhongyi Health Care Technology ".(7) Wang Hao's works 1,2,3,4, etc. (8) The National Pharmacopoeia, The Practical Manual of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.


Traditional Chinese medicine to see a doctor needs four diagnosis and ginseng, four diagnosis is looking, listening, asking and cutting."Hope and know is the god, hear and know is the holy, ask and know is the work, cut and know for the coincidence". Diagnosis is pulse diagnosis (pulse pulse) in the last of the four diagnosis. The main diagnosis and treatment method or rely on looking and ask, looking at the form, the body movement is flexible or not flexible, and looking at the manner, is to see the patient has no god. Ask is the most important link, involving a lot of consultation factors, there is a "ten ask song" is very comprehensive. It seems to be just an aid in the four visits.


In fact, pulse diagnosis in the folk or has a certain mystery, the people to find the old Chinese medicine doctor, most are going to feel the pulse, if you can feel the pulse, must be the patients. If you often hear patients say that an old Chinese medicine "pulse really accurate", then the old Chinese medicine doctor must be very good. If an old Chinese medicine does not use the patient to speak, three fingers in the patient's wrist for a minute or two, and then, to tell the patient, what discomfort, belong to what disease, the patient listened to the clap, said: " too accurate!"Then, you will soon be called" pulse-master."


Wang Haozhi was a barefoot doctor when he was young, and his pulse pulse technique was learned slowly from his teacher, Mr.Zhang Dazhi. When the first contact with the pulse method, it is taught hand in hand. After the teacher finished a patient's pulse, then let him put it again. Then tell him what the vein of it is. If encountered the same pulse, the teacher will ask Wang Hao what is this pulse. Over time, the same kind of pulse touch more, point to have a sense of finger. For example, such as the smooth veins of beads, such as the veins of strings.


After initially mastering a pulse, Wang Hao will give the patient the pulse before the teacher pulse, if it is this pulse, tell the teacher. After the teacher feels the pulse, if you think that Wang Haozhi is accurate, you will give you praise.


Frankly speaking, if we grasp all 27 kinds of veins in Li Shizhen's formula to the Lake, there will probably be none in the country. Can be skilled in the dozens of veins has been very great, such as: floating, sink, late, number, flood, slippery, astringent, string, fine, knot, generation, slow, pulse. Some old traditional Chinese medicine doctors rarely feel the pulse to identify various pulse images, mainly to see the pulse is strong or weak, know whether it is deficiency or empirical, and then through the tongue to identify cold and heat, the general direction of medication will not be wrong.


Mr.Wang Haozhi's pulse kung fu, fully experienced for 10 years. Start to lack of confidence, first ask, and then with the pulse for comparison. Later, after testing the pulse said symptoms, with the accumulation of experience, finally basically dare to use the pulse "speak".


The prescription he provided is completely different from other old Chinese doctors, only pulse tongue and medication prescription. I said that such medical cases are not standard, and his answer is that every patient who was treated has a phone call to verify.


"I can prescribe the medicine through the condition of the pulse tongue."He said, in the past some old Chinese medicine is not the pulse prescription?"The purpose of being a doctor is to cure the disease."


His fame is not a difficult cure, but the pulse. I heard that he would buy him, and more and more people came to see him. Some even come thousands of miles to admire "pulse".


An 80-year-old man in Beijing has seen a lot of old Chinese medicine doctors, but he has not met a patient who can accurately diagnose diseases with only three fingers without saying his symptoms. He to test the psychology, the south to Yangzhou, found Wang Haozhi."I heard that you will feel the pulse, please show me what the disease is."This kind of arrogant and disdain tone, for the general doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, there is no confidence.


The incoming is not good. The old gentleman's move, for Wang Hao of, is tantamount to a big test. However, Wang Hao is not a novice, such a test has long been taught many times. After the pulse, and looked at the tongue, silent for a while, told the old gentleman, every day thirst, thirst elimination, according to diabetes standards have belonged to the 2, prostate problems, usually low back pain, sleep, get up at night... after that finish, the old gentleman nodded. Then take out the image piece, show the prostate hypertrophy.


A female patient in Nanjing, for stomach problems, has been seeing 51 since the age of 31. Jiangsu and Shanghai have been to the big hospitals, but look bad. Others told her that Wang Hao will feel the pulse, he did not believe. At the instigation of others, it is not far away anyway. See Wang Haozhi, big pour bitter water, said the stomach is not good, looked for 20 years. After reading the tongue, Wang Haozhi told her that it was not stomach disease, "stomach disease" is caused by the liver, there is chronic cholecystitis. To ure cholecystitis, "stomach disease" may be good. Don't you think it's strange? So how big a hospital did not diagnose a problem with the gallbladder? It's really undiagnosed.why? Because they all focused on their stomach. Gastroscope also does, barium meal also drinks, did not cure namely. The patient listens to, also be not quite believe, think again, people say he can see a doctor, in case is gallbladder problem.


Wang Haozhi told her that he can only eat Chinese medicine here, and eating Chinese medicine is not like hanging needles to eat pills, may have to eat for a period of time. Before and after a total of 28 pairs, torture her 20 years of "old stomach disease" good. Some patients, sit in front of the clinic table, extend their hands, and say nothing. In the first few years, sometimes I had to sweat. Later, I got used to it. Touch more people, the heart has a spectrum."Feel the pulse is not reading can learn, must be taken, must touch more, touch more will have experience."He believes that the pulse of a disease, touch 10 people and touch 100 people are completely different, skilled, a finger to the pulse to know, not in the textbook said 40 seconds to a minute."This is called practice makes perfect, but ingenuity makes god.”


The above said to see a doctor skills, the following again say medicine.


Wang Hao's side, are generally using the opportunity of more. He believes that the economic side is the side of experience, the side of refining. The prescription is small, and the medication is precise. Is worthy of the name of a thousand jin. After his diagnosis, he used the syndrome differentiation of the six Classics, according to the law of the six classics, and prescribed medicine. In addition to syndrome differentiation, what he is most proud of is that the patented drug he developed for decades. The patent is called "an antipyretic drug and its preparation method" (Patent no.: 00121310.5), which was granted the national invention patent on March 25,2013. The motivation for him to study "antipyretic" was that his sister died in hospital because of a high fever.


This drug is a pure Chinese medicine preparation, which has a therapeutic effect on the increased body temperature caused by various reasons, especially the unknown fever extended for several days or even several years.


For the non-infectious patients such as unknown fever and fever who cannot be found out for the cause of modern medicine, they have a unique effect. At the same time, they can make the accompanying headache, sore throat, cough, expectoration, and yellow urine and other symptoms gradually disappear. Moreover, it also has the adjuvant therapeutic effect to the clinical infectious fever, and can shorten the course of treatment. No dizziness or drowsiness occurs after taking the drug. Can improve the body immunity, use safe and convenient use, no side effects. It can replace western medicine antipyretic, adults only 0.5 grams each time, children 0.2 grams.


Wang Haozhi told me that the invention has won many awards at home and abroad. If it can be listed, it will greatly reduce the serious side effects caused by the use of antibiotics and hormones in hospitals. Many children have fever because of frequent fluids; many patients with low fever are not treated because of unexplained reasons. This antipyretic will be a popular panacea for patients. This antipyretic, can also be used for flu fever, fever back and then continue to take once or twice.


In August 1994,31-year-old Ms.Chen was hospitalized in the Provincial People's Hospital for 3 months, with a fever of more than 40 degrees during the day and higher at night. With ice packs under her armpit and pillow, the fever still persisted, and experts decided to perform laparotomy to find out the cause of the fever. In response to this situation, Ms.Chen called for help in the Yangtze Evening News.


Wang Haozhi saw the news, immediately drove to the hospital to find the patient, after diagnosis, gave homemade antipyretic, only 6 days, a three grade a hospital treatment for 3 months even the cause of the fever patient, recovered and discharged. Through the treatment of Ms.Chen, his reputation for antipyretic.


Ms.Zhang, 91 years old, started on June 3,1994, developed fever, delayed for half a month, and was admitted to the First People's Hospital. Examination: RBC 2.7 * 1012 / L; WBC 1.59 * 109 / L; neutral, 80%, lymphatic 20%. Pathogen (1), routine urine (-), thoracic electric lung texture thickening, myocardial enlargement, CT scan brain showed no abnormalities.


Diagnosis: 1, respiratory tract infection; 2, sepsis. Treatment: after a variety of antibiotics, infusion, blood transfusion, traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment for more than three months, the fever is still not returned. He was discharged on September 20. Give 25mg half a grain of indomethacin tablets and 25mg one grain of prednisone every day, and keep the body temperature below 39 degrees. My family member saw my treatment information from the Yangtze Evening News. First diagnosis: poor spirit, red lips, pointed ears, thin muscles, swollen limbs. Five upset hot, afternoon hot, bone steaming night sweat, cough dry throat, red tongue, not moist moss, spicy mouth. Pulse floating number is weak. Use antipyretic for 10 days.


Because of antipyretic, easy to take, quick effect, suitable for all kinds of fever, and the price is low, welcomed by patients. Mr.Wang Haozhi hopes that some pharmaceutical factories will cooperate with them to make this patent achievement benefit the people.


Wang Hao's medicine is good at:







1. Fever-related diseases: common cold, influenza, respiratory system infection, urinary system infection, other soft tissue infection, and months and years of unknown causes, etc. 2, digestive system: oral ulcer, oesophagitis, cardia inflammation, acute gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, stress ulcer, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, perianal disease, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, etc. 2, sports system: limb joints, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, etc. 3, nervous system: cerebral infarction and sequelae, stroke sequelae, etc. 5, endocrine system: diabetic sugar urine foot, vitiligo, inaccurate menstruation, too much and too little, take down. Zilion inner membrane displacement, etc. 6, difficult diseases, difficult and miscellaneous diseases.1. Heating loss of Chinese patent medicine


2. Traditional Chinese medicine color vein and clinical practice


Abstract: To guide the Yin and Yang, five elements, eight classes, blood. Take the pulse of the residual thief to guide the clinical practice so as to achieve the purpose of knowing the pulse syndrome with the disease and making the patient recover to the body


The clinical cases are as follows:


Key words: wei qi ying blood, six classics, viscera and other syndrome differentiation


[Middle drawing Classification No.] R24 [Document Code] A [Article No.] 1673-902692020008-192-01


Wu Bojun, male, 68 years old, is from Wuxi. On B 25,2018, the tongue was fat with white water, the left pulse was heavy, heavy and slippery, and the right pulse was depressed and slightly slippery. Sichuan laurel technique 20 dry ginger 30 white 60 Fried white peony root 30 Sichuan cattle knee 30 chuan euzhong 15 thick park 10 pinellia 6 golden grass 60 predict 20 wheat 10 dogwood 60 angelica 30 xiong 10 astragalus 150 red ginseng 5 after coke mountain check 15 raw stone cover 40 first Fried mother 10 car 15 Fried red 20 wine rhubarb 3 licorice 10. 7 posts.


On September 1,2018, after drug application, the numbness had reduced the thirst and water 2 to 3 standards, the tongue was light and white water was smooth, the left pulse was deep and astringent, and the right pulse was depressed and slightly powerful. Sichuan cassia branch 20 dried ginger 30 Fried white peony root 30 raw atractylodes 60 Sichuan cow knee 30 chuan mu zhong 10 thick park 8 pinellia 6 stir-fry three sweet 30 attached 30 angelica 30 chuan peony root 10 Astragalus 150 jiao mountain 10 red ginseng 5 after raw stone cover 40 first Fried mother 10 root 20 light bamboo leaves 10 top 20 dogwood meat 20 wine rhubarb 3 licorice 10. 7 posts. On September 8,2018, the left pulse of the tongue and the right pulse were slippery. Following the second diagnosis drug plus white atractylodes 30 motherwort 30. 7 posts.


On September 15,2018, the pale white left pulse was soft and astringent, and the right pulse was firm and smooth. Sichuan cassia branch 20 are dry ginger 20 Fried white peony root 30 white 90 angelica 30 chuan 10 wood buhu 20 astragalus 200 chuan vine 30 chuan zhong 10 chuan broken 30 thick park 8 pinellia 6 Fried three edge 30 incense with 30 JiaoShan check 15 red ginseng 5 after raw stone cover 40 first Fried mother 10 root 20 light bamboo leaves 10 predict seed 20 dogwood meat 60 white wort 30 wine rhubarb 3 licorice 10. 7 posts.


On September 22,2018, the tongue red moss water slippery left pulse sank and the right pulse was depressed and slippery. After the four diagnosis added with 10 first fried spin covered 15 generations of ochre 30 first fried.7 Post.


On September 29,2018, the tongue was light and the pulse was late. Sichuan cinnamon technology 30 stir-fried white peony root 30 atractylodes 60 thousand ginger 30 magnolia 10 pinellia pinellia 8 attached tablets 15 xianling spleen 20 first fried stone cover 40 first fried 10 yellow flower 200 Angelica 30 chuanxiong 10 red ginseng 5 after American ginseng 5 after motherwort 30 licorice 10. 7 posts. Another deer antler powder one together a generation twice a day. On October 10,2018, the tongue was red and light white pulse and left micro string six diagnosis medicine with 15 generations of refined stone 30 first fried puerroot 30 fried three edges 30 rhubarb 2. 7 posts. On October 17,2018.


Seven diagnosis tongue red moss pale white tongue slightly to the right. The left pulse is chi astringent, and the right pulse is chi chi astringent. Chuan Gui technique 30 vine seed 1010 spin cover flowers 15 are dried ginger 30 Fried white peony root 30 white 90 chuan ox knee 30 raw 15 dogwood meat 60 yi motherwort 30 yellow cypress 10 angelica 30 chuanxiong 15 astragalus 200 predict 20 wheat 10 root 40 raw stone cover 50 Fried red ginseng after 10 after magnolia magnolia 8 system pinellia 6 Fried sand 5 Fried three after 30 xianling spleen 20 wine rhubarb 3 licorice 8. 7 posts. On October 24,2018, the red pulse of the tongue and smooth left pulse and soft ruler was slightly astringent, while the right pulse was slightly astringent. I said my head is much better. After October 17,7 drugs and anthorn tablets 30. In addition, deer antler powder combined points, on November 3,2018, live quality red moss, light white left skin, slightly astringent, right pulse, late, and slip, October 17, medicine and antler tablet 30 dandelion 20 windproof 10. 7 posts. November 09,2018.7 Post. March 7,2019, the tongue red moss white slightly thick left vein submerged and astringent right pulse submerged and astringent. Sichuan cinnamon technology 4 all dried ginger, 2 cloud Poria, 2 thick magnolia, 1 make pinellia pinellia, 1 attached tablet, 1 wheat, 1 dogwood, 2 wort, 2 raw rhubarb, 1 yellow flower, 3 licorice 2. 10 posts. June 27,2019, the tongue, red moss, light pulse, small, astringent, 3 all dried ginger, 2 thin, 1 almond, 1 fried white, 2 white peony root 1 tablet 3 Astragalus, 3 raw stone cover, 1 dogwood, 3 red ginseng, 1 charrago 1 licorice 1. 15 posts. On July 19,2019, the tongue red moss white water smooth vein sink chi small astringent Sichuan laurel technology 4 all dry ginger 2 fried white 3 Poria 2 with 3 bupleurum 1 thick park 1 ellia 1 fried KouRen 1 raw stone lamb 2 Astragalus 4 dogwood 4 charago 2 fried white peony root 1 licorice 1.15 post another ripe rhubarb 8 red ginseng 8, December 23,2019 red tongue moss light tongue body slightly thin left pulse sink chi slightly astringent right pulse late, camp wei and congenital Yin.3 dried ginger 1 yellow essence 3 ginseng, 1 dogwood meat 6 rabbit silk 3 raw gypsum 1 licorice 1. 15 posts.



Zhang Xiuhua, female, 74 years old, May 26,2018 tongue red moss protein β p130 / 70mmHg pulse count. Chengdu people.30 ground skin 30 left macromacrophylla 10 red ginseng 15 dogwood meat 50 cloud Fu god 30 mother 8 yellow cypress 8 niuxi 30 yi motherwort 20 Sichuan GUI technology 10 Hangzhou white peony root 30 dried ginger 2020 fried white 30 licorice 10 fried three edge 30 fat chuanxiong 10 raw rhubarb 5. 7 posts.13668141967 The second diagnosis of tongue red moss pale white, right pulse slow and powerful, left pulse heavy and smooth. Sichuan laurel 15 red ginseng 10 chuan 30 dry ginger 30 fried white 30 puer30 Astragalus 30200 niuxi 30 fried turtle board 50 first fried white hair root 20 fried three edge 30 fried white peony root 303 rhubarb 3 bupleurum 10 fried turtle a 30 first fried ground bone 30 licorice 10.5 post three diagnosis tongue red moss white slightly thick, right pulse heavy and slippery, left pulse with right. Sichuan 15 red ginseng 15 chuan broken 30 dried ginger 30 Fried white 30 puer30 Astragalus 200 huai knee 30 Sichuan euzhong 20 hot turtle plate 60 first fried hedgehog skin 15 white hair root 30 Fried 3030 fried shell 30 incense attached 20 Fried white peony root 30 xiang, angelica 30 pleurum 15 pinellia pinellia 6 rhubarb 3 licorice 10. 7 posts. Four diagnosis lingual red moss pale white slightly thin right pulse sedimentation slow trace of left pulse sedimentation. Go to hedgehog skin. Add mother of pearl 30 first fried stiff silkworm 1 fried centipede 2.15 Posts.13668141967 and then add dogwood meat 60 chuanxiong 10. Five diagnosis chuan cassia 15 Fried white peony root 30 red ginseng 5 after 530 dogwood meat 5050 astragalus 150 bone 10 red turtle a 20 first Fried dendrobium 15 amomum 10 angelica 30 red turtle plate 20 Fried car 10 first 15 white hair root 20 pinellia 610 macrophylla chinensis 8 white knee 30 chuan euzhong 20 dried ginger 30 Fried three edge 30 pentaandra 10 fat chuanxiong 10 wine rhubarb 2 red licorice 10. 10 posts. Six diagnosis tongue red moss white thick chuan laurel 15 left macromacros 10 Fried white peony root 30 Fried white after 30 dried ginger 20 red ginseng 5 after 150 angelica 30 root 30 Astragalus root 10 hot turtle plate 20 shell a 20 thick park 6 pinellia 6 huai cattle knee 20 chuan euzhong 10 Fried 30 dogwood meat 50 front 10 sand kernel 5 after five andra 10 rhubarb 2 licorice 8. 7 posts. Seven diagnosis tongue red moss pale white, right pulse slow ruler slightly astringent, left pulse slow ruler slightly astringent, Sichuan GUI technology 15 fried white peony root 30 are dry ginger 20 dogwood 60 Hunan, angelica 2Q chuanxiong 10 tortoise 30 turtle, nail 30 fried 3030 American ginseng 5 red ginseng 530 Sichuan broken 30 Sichuan muzhong 15 hair dog ridge 30 motherwort 30 cardamom 5 pinellia 6 thick park 6 huai yam 30 green cosh 6 Astragalus 150 car front 15 licorice 10. 15 posts. On September 15,2018, seven diagnostic drugs were added to the continuous 20. 7 posts.07 / Oct / 2018 Bp 120 / 70mmHg Tongue red moss pale white tongue body slightly thin right pulse slow microsmooth left pulse slow. Sichuan laurel technology 20 white 60 all dried ginger 30 thick pu 6 system pinellia 6 Sichuan Niugenu 30 Sichuan muzhong 15 fairy spleen 20 Sichuan continued 40 cistanche 30 dogwood meat 60 fried sand kernel 10 angelica 20 Chuanxiong 10 astragalus 100 red turtle plate 30 first


reference documentation


Cao Dongyi, Guo Shuanggeng, Wang Gengrui, Wang Wenzhi, Yan Sheng, Zhuo Qizhong, Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1997 (01) Liu Duon typhoid fever [M]. People's Health Publishing House, Liu Du, 2008 on Zhang Zhongjing's academic thoughts on preserving stomach qi [J]. Zhang Jiao, Hebei Chinese Medicine 1998 (06)


Good doctor in the world, do not pity the name, do not remember the profit, this its virtue, this its meritorious service also. Teacher Wang in the contemporary, benefit in the future of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance industry, never complain, not chasing fame, not seeking profit. Everything is committed to perfection, the medical cure. Teacher wang to "big medical sincerity" as the motto, constantly excellence, the "traditional Chinese medicine culture", affecting more and more benevolent love young people and young people with lofty ideals to flags and example, in the same blue sky and the same banner, inheriting good Chinese traditional medical skill, family happiness, help the motherland is strong. As a leading figure in the industry of traditional Chinese medicine, Teacher Wang interprets the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with the spirit of the new generation of inheritors, carries forward the brilliance of traditional Chinese medicine to spread the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and protect the health of the people.

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